Since the start of the MYHarvest project, our research team has been busy studying the various benefits of urban horticulture and own-growing in the UK. Our efforts have not been fruitless: below is a selection of studies we published in the past few years (and there is more underway!). If you would like to find out what we have discovered so far, follow the links!


‘Feeding the city–Leicester as a case study of the importance of allotments for horticultural production in the UK’


Grow your own food security? Integrating science and citizen science to estimate the contribution of own growing to UK food production


The hidden potential of urban horticulture


Urban food cultivation in the United Kingdom: Quantifying loss of allotment land and identifying potential for restoration


“My little piece of the planet”: the multiplicity of well-being benefits from allotment gardening


Allotments have been disappearing from cities – here’s why they are ripe for a comeback


An assessment of urban horticultural soil quality in the United Kingdom and its contribution to carbon storage


Assessing the Direct Resource Requirements of Urban Horticulture in the United Kingdom: A Citizen Science Approach