Summer Allotment Fieldwork: Year 2

As the United Kingdom sweltered in the summer heatwave this year, the MYHarvest fieldwork team took to the streets of the country once again, visiting another one hundred allotment plots across five new cities: Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Cardiff and Leeds.

Another 1,400 soil samples have now been collected by the team, who are setting about this winter analysing the almost 3,000 samples we now have! Alongside soil samples and drawing plot maps this year we have also collected vegetable samples in order to investigate whether heavy metals in soils are taken up into the fruiting part of crops.

We have now finished the MYHarvest fieldwork and so we are all ready to begin collecting some results, which we will keep you updated on over the next couple of years – hopefully some interesting findings will come to light! In the meantime, enjoy these photos of our sunny summer on the UK’s lovely allotments.