MYHarvest Season 1: Growing Interest and Harvesting Results

We’re nearing the end of MYHarvest’s first Summer and beginning to reap the data that all of the fantastic MYHarvesters have submitted.

We’d first like to say a massive Thank You from the MYHarvest Team to all those who have been involved in the project so far. Thank you to everyone who has submitted a single harvest, and to those that have recorded everything they’ve grown this year (and in previous years too!). Thank you from people growing in a couple of pots on their windowsill to those growing across 4 different allotment plots. We’re really pleased with the response we’ve had this year and hope everyone will continue to take part next year, and invite all of their family, friends and neighbours to take part too!


These are fantastic results and we’re really looking forward to analysing them in more depth over the Winter. Watch this space to hear about what we find!