Dr Jill Edmondson’s Fellowship Launch

On Wednesday 8th March, Jill Edmondson will be launching her 5-year research fellowship that MYHarvest is a part of. Over 30 project stakeholders, from city councils and academics to community organisations and allotment society representatives will meet to discuss how they can get the most out of this exciting research project.

One of the greater aims of this project to identify areas of green space currently in cities that could potentially be used for growing food and the creation of new allotments.

By taking part in MYHarvest, you’ll not only be contributing to the first nationwide estimate of own-grown food production, but you’ll also be helping us estimate how much food we could grow if more of the urban green space were allotments. On Wednesday, we’ll be discussing the best way these findings can be used as we get them.

Check out the myharvest.org.uk website soon to find out how it goes!